Regular Air Conditioning maintenance is important. You don’t want those refrigerants to be leaking. And you want your AC to work when you turn it on. Schedule an appointment to have your AC serviced today.

Battery Test

Weather and fluctuating temperatures can leave your battery out of juice. We carry a wide range of batteries to keep you powered up and on the road. Stop into Leonard Tire today and let us have a look at what you need.

If your Battery looks like this, you are getting ready to get stuck. Come get your’s tested. (more…)

Heat can stretch belts and hoses to their limits. A break can leave you stranded. Stop in for an inspection.

Brakes are the first and most important safety feature of your car. They are important to keep in check. If you have trouble with stopping power, hear grinding or have vibration when you brake, then you need to come see us. Brake Pads and Rotors are the main parts in your brake system. An unworn pad and a smooth rotor will usually mean better performance and brake fluid plays a vital role. Pads wear down, but so do rotors. Current rotors can’t take repeated smoothing and will need to be replaced in the life of your car or truck. Come see us and we’ll give you a complete brake inspection and let you know what you need.

We do tire installation everyday at Leonard Tire. A well balanced wheel and a new set of tires adds safety and stability to your automobile. Ask us about your tire installation requirements when you buy a new set of tires with us. Come on over and wheel get a size for you.

Let us check your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. False readings can lead to a tire that is too low or a tire that is fine, but the sensor is wrong. Leonard Tire has the professionals to get the repair done right.

It happens, tires get damaged and you need tire repair. Let the tire experts at Leonard Tire see what can be done.

Not all tires can be repaired. If there is damage to the tire wall, it may have to be replaced.


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Brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. If you are feeling tremors or a pull and if your brakes aren’t responding the way you think they should, bring it for a check.


You need to replace your shocks or struts about every 50,000 miles depending on how you drive your car. If you live on a dirt road or have more rugged driving conditions that may be more often. Shocks and struts can make a huge difference in the ride of your vehicle and your ability to control it.